Manage Sleep

We spend about 26 years of our lives in bed…but how much of that are you actually sleeping? With our lives being dominated by devices, distractions and busy minds, many of us have lost the ability to get consistently good sleep.


The Secret Of Sauna

Good sleep is a fundamental aspect of maintaining good health, improving happiness and performing in life. So a continued effort to sleep properly is well worth it. If you’re not sleeping well, an evening infrared sauna may help you to change that. Relax in your comfortable, cosy sauna, enjoy a cup of herbal tea, inhale calming essential oils and switch off with a guided meditation. And unlock a deeper, longer sleep, for a healthier, longer life.


Infrared sauna activates our para-sympathetic nervous system which takes us out of a stressful state and relaxes us. So by the time you slip into the sheets, you’ll be in a state of sleepy bliss and dozing off in moments.


Exposure to unnatural lighting in the evening ruins our natural body rhythm and delays us feeling sleepy. Our sauna is equipped with colour therapy lighting, which will help you wind down your energy.


Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, loud noises and stimulating tv shows later in the day to give your mind and body time to wind down. The sauna is the perfect space to disconnect with ‘things’, so you can reconnect with yourself.


Lavender essential oil, chamomile tea, salt lamp lighting and calming music are all great choices for your pre-bedtime ritual. Paired with a relaxing sauna session you’ll be ready for deep sleep.

Get Your 8 Hours

Sleeping less than 5 hours per night has been shown to increase your risk diabetes, depression, anxiety & poor immune function by 15%.

Sleep To Eat Well

Sleep deprivation leads to hunger hormones imbalance. When sleep deprived, we’re more likely to overeat.

You’re Not Alone

33-45% of Australian adults are sleeping poorly according to the sleep health foundation. But you don’t have to be part of that statistic.