Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong effort for all of us.  But the best healthy fat loss and weight management results happen when the effort comes from a place of love for your mind and body.  And a Found—Space Infrared Sauna can help with that.



Healthy Weight, Happy Mind

Calories in, calories out. Keto, Vegan, Low-Carb, Fasting, Juicing, Crossfit, Yoga, Running….there’s no shortage of suggestions on how to lose and keep unwanted fat off your body out there. We know you’re smart. You know that increasing daily movement and improving your food and sleep habits will go a long way with maintaining a healthy weight. So we’re here to simply fill in the gaps about how infrared sauna can support your personal weight management efforts. Because to us, you’re great at every moment…we just want you to get a little more sweaty!

Did you know?

Lower Your Stress Levels

Sauna 3+ times per week to lower stress hormones, helping to prevent unneeded fat storage and trigger cravings.

A Gentle Cardio Workout

The heat of a sauna slightly raises your heart rate, which can provide a gentle cardiovascular effort and help burns calories.

Enjoy A Cold Shower

This activates cold shock proteins in the body, which may also help assimilate fat. Plus it makes your mind feel clear and boosts energy.